Phantom 8

3969 South Broadway Englewood, CO 80113


Our Philosophy

Phantom 8's Body Piercing Technicians would like to share their philosophy on the art of a happy and healthy piercing procedure.

This starts from the moment you enter our establishment where we will consult with you at no charge to find the best options for your body modification. We offer a wide variety of jewelry and our staff will be happy to guide you to the best fitting and most attractive choice. From there we move into our private and peaceful procedure room, (yes you can bring a friend!). Your Body Piercer will then give you a thorough explanation of our strict sterilization practices and walk you through this information, even breaking our equipment from the sterile and sealed packaging right in front of you! This is something you don't always see in your doctor or dentists office! Phantom 8 is always working closely with our county's Health Dept. to maintain a safe environment. Now, plenty of time will be taken to discuss placement and the position of the jewelry. Temporary "markings" will be made for you to inspect in the mirror before the piercing.

18 Years of Age and Over Piercing Policy

Must present a valid government or state issued ID for all piercing procedures. Genital and nipple piercing are performed at the piercers' discretion.

15 to 17 Years of Age Piercing Policy

Both client and consenting parent must have STATE ISSUED ID with matching last name or address.

All Questions are Answered

Once everyone is ready and informed, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived, and the piercing is over in a few moments! A proper clean up and instructions are delivered, any and all questions are answered. Written instructions and the opportunity to purchase recommended healing agents wrap up our experience and we are always on hand 7 days a week should you have any questions or need assistance. Our goal is to provide you with something more than the "wham-bam out the door" attitude. Instead we provide you with a service you will run to tell your friends about and return to us for future piercings.

Welcome to Phantom 8

AHOY! From South Broadway! Welcome to our special little place in the world. An antique yet sea worthy vessel captained by Chris and Krisha J'tot. The old ship has been sailing strong as Phantom 8 since 1998. We are a true "Family owned and operated" outfit. Accommodating clients in a unique 100 year old house. Body Piercing takes an equal front seat with Tattooing at our studio, offering an overwhelming selection of top quality body jewelry. A good tempered friendly tattoo crew render some of the most eye popping color, smooth blending, strong and clean linework in the region. Our goal is to provide a safe, professional, beautiful service. We want you to take pride in coming to our studio as we take pride in being chosen as a place you want to spend time and money. So if you want artists doing excellent work; with a sensible and original design plan, that actually turns heads at the gym, bar, office, etc... Then sign up for a voyage.

Free Consults

All our procedures are performed with steam STERILIZED equipment, (autoclave) and NEW NEEDLES made for one time use. We follow universal precautions, and Center for Disease Control guidelines as well as Tri-County Health inspections, to keep your tattoo or piercing safe and happy!


Sunday - Thursday
12:00pm to 8:00pm

Friday & Saturday
12:00pm to 10:00pm