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Tattoo Aftercare and Feeding

  1. After two hours, carefully remove bandage from tattoo.
  2. Wash tattoo with a mild anti-bacterial fragrance free soap. Gently remove all dried and drying blood with lathered soap and finger tips. (No Wash Clothes)
  3. Once washed, allow tattoo to air dry.
  4. Apply a thin application of a fragrance free/hypo allergenic lotion (i.e. Curel, Lubriderm, etc.). Keep tattoo soft to avoid cracking and bleeding. Tattoo will peel like a sunburn. DO NOT PICK AND/OR SCRATCH!
  5. Continue to wash tattoo once a day, repeat steps 3 and 4, and apply the moisturizer two to three times daily for two weeks.
  6. Avoid prolonged soaking of tattoo (i.e. pool, hot tub, bathtub). Absolutely NO chlorinated water period.
  7. Avoid ALL sunlight on tattoo during healing (average 1 month). Sunlight is the leading cause of fading. For the remainder of the tattoo life, always apply thick application of sun block containing a high SPF.
  8. While healing, keep clothing, bedding, etc. clean and free of pet hair.
  9. It is normal for the tattoo to be swollen, warm, and red during the healing process-however, if you believe these symptoms are excessive please call or return to Phantom 8, or consult a physician. (We would prefer to examine the tattoo first.)
  10. Symptoms of an infection, although rare:
    • Excessive and/or prolonged fever
    • Excessive and/or prolonged redness
    • Yellow and/or green pus or discharge
    • Red streaking around tattoo

Each body is unique and healing times may vary considerably. If you have ANY questions, please contact the studio.

At Phantom 8 we care about the entirety of the professional service we provide.

For more aftercare information, please see our pages on external piercings and oral piercings.

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AHOY! From South Broadway! Welcome to our special little place in the world. An antique yet sea worthy vessel captained by Chris and Krisha J'tot. The old ship has been sailing strong as Phantom 8 since 1998. We are a true "Family owned and operated" outfit. Accommodating clients in a unique 100 year old house. Body Piercing takes an equal front seat with Tattooing at our studio, offering an overwhelming selection of top quality body jewelry. A good tempered friendly tattoo crew render some of the most eye popping color, smooth blending, strong and clean linework in the region. Our goal is to provide a safe, professional, beautiful service. We want you to take pride in coming to our studio as we take pride in being chosen as a place you want to spend time and money. So if you want artists doing excellent work; with a sensible and original design plan, that actually turns heads at the gym, bar, office, etc... Then sign up for a voyage.

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All our procedures are performed with steam STERILIZED equipment, (autoclave) and NEW NEEDLES made for one time use. We follow universal precautions, and Center for Disease Control guidelines as well as Tri-County Health inspections, to keep your tattoo or piercing safe and happy!


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